The Story About Us

South Africa is plagued with urban, rural and township farmers that have a love for the soil and are passionate about farming but they do not have the support or skills needed in order to gain access to commercial markets.

The AgriCUL Institute is a non-profit organisation which focused on supporting and developing agri-penuers and created Kasi Farmers Market as the retail platform for all the farmers that they build relationships with. Kasi Farmers Market has grown to include Eden – a private company which focuses on empowering local farmers. We believe that these farmers deserve to have the golden opportunity of selling their products to commercial markets. 

Our Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Zamagambu Memela, believes in equal opportunities for all. She often says, “If we are going to eradicate food insecurity in this country, we have to introduce our youth to agriculture and engage them in the sustainable value chain of its processes. We must lead by example. We must show them that it is possible to live off the land.


  • Inspire and enlighten the youth on the lifelong benefits of implementing agricultural practices
  • Capacitate urban, rural & township farmers with agribusiness and entrepreneurship skills and attitudes
  • Explore, create and expand township markets through local commodities, value added and processed goods


Our Vision
  • Improved urban-rural and township livelihoods
  • Sustainable food systems
  • Vibrant rural and township economy
Our Mission
  • Promote urban-rural and township entrepreneurship by providing access to market 
  • Build a network of urban, rural & township farmers that grow quality fresh produce at commercial scales
Our Values
  • Professional, effective and informed by relevant science
  • Creative, Flexible and Innovative
  • Sensitive to gender
  • Quality, Equality and Ethics
  • Passion