We as Kasi Farmers Market strive ourseleves in providing affordable and quality fresh produce. Our prices are set to be in align with our competitors. All of our products that are purchased online are priced the same as the products that are purchased at the store( delivery price will be added on the products that need to be delivered.

Buying on credit is not permitted at Kasi Farmers Market.

According to the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008:

‘‘Price’’, when used in relation to— (a) a representation required to be displayed by section 23, includes any mark, notice or visual representation that may reasonably be inferred to indicate or express an association between any goods or services and the value of the consideration for which the supplier is willing to sell or supply those goods or services; or (b) the consideration for any transaction, means the total amount paid or payable by the consumer to the supplier in terms of that transaction or agreement, including any amount that the supplier is required to impose, charge or collect in terms of any public regulation; ‘‘producer’’, with respect to any particular goods, means a person who— (a) grows, nurtures, harvests, mines, generates, refines, creates, manufactures or otherwise produces the goods within the Republic, or causes any of those things to be done, with the intention of making them available for supply in the ordinary course of business